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Cover letter

The cover letter is designed to introduce and present the curriculum vitae and to explain the reasons that motivated you are applying to at that 'company or for a specific job offer.

A cover letter, compiled in an appropriate manner can be a valuable tool to help you to get a job interview.

Cover letter consists of the following sections:

Header. The letter must be sent to the office manager, sector or area in which you would like to work, if you do not know them, send it to the attention of the head of human resources.

- First paragraph. Explain in simple and clear way why of our interest in the company.

Specify the personal data that must be written in the upper left, instead name and address of the other party, should be placed a little further down on the right side of the paper.

- Second paragraph. Illustrate your skills and strong points that you believe is in line with the profile required by the company.

- Third paragraph.
you possess preferential titles, protected by law, you will need to indicate in cover letter

Give all your contact details and references.

Specify that the cover letter is attached to curriculum