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QR code on resume

A touch of modernity and innovation for your curriculum vitae

QR Codes are now present almost everywhere, magazines, newspapers, advertising posters, movie posters. In particular, the companies use these codes to direct consumers to other sources where they can get new information.

A new trend for job seekers is to place a QR code on your resume or business card. Of course it is not a necessary factor but it can be a useful way to capture the attention of the recruiter and differentiate your resume from others.
Using this code within the curriculum can provide more information about yourself, you are looking for work: the breeder just scan the QR code.

Place a QR code within the curriculum makes you look immediately a person with an open mind, who knows the new communication tools, well prepared to technology and innovation. QR codes are a great way to drive, who must assume, to relevant links, which emphasize the experience, professional achievements of those who are candidates for a position.

We can address, who examines our curriculum, to a mini personal website, a video, an article, a photograph that tells who we are and what we do.