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Curriculum vitae


A good resume should be easy to read, clear and concise, recruiters claim that the first 30 seconds used to give "a look" at the curriculum vitae are key to deciding whether or not to evaluate it carefully. Is therefore important that the resume is well written, so as to impress the reader and get a job interview.


The curriculum vitae is a useful tool to tell our training, our experience and our attitudes. It 'a malleable tool that can be adapted depending on the offer of work that interests us. It is possible to customize the curriculum in many ways: by attaching a letter of introduction, using the QR code, a video or a presentation photoshop. It must be brief, two pages are enough, of course. There are some pre-built models to be followed as an example.


The curriculum can be sent online to the Italian companies that hire workers, linking directly to the page "careers" of the company for which we would like to work. Here you can find all Italian companies who are recruiting and the connection to page "work with us".