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Job interview

 If you've got a job interview means that you have written a good resume.

The job interview is an important moment of our lives as it can determinate our future. There are no predetermined rules but there are some questions that are recurring in every interview:


How would you describe yourself?

What are your positive aspects?

What flaws do you have?

Why did you choose our company?

What do you know about our company?

Why do you think we should hire you?


Preparing before the answers can help us to make a good impression.


Some advice:



Punctuality: Do not arrive late or if you can not avoid it, say that you’ll arrive late by a phone call. Avoid read the horoscope before leaving home, you’ll earn time and you will not be influenced by the fact that Uranus gives way to Jupiter that meets Pluto!


Clothing: You need to dress adequately for the Job interview.... yes, but what is "adequate"? "Adequately" is the one in which you feel comfortable to you. The Job interview can make you agitated and nervous, wear a head that you do not like, certainly not help you to feel relaxed. The imperative is not exaggerating, nothing necklines or miniskirts, and nothing elegant clothes suitable for a party.

Yes, we are nervous but smoke shortly before presenting is not the ideal thing to do, for various reasons: the recruiter could not accept it, is against the philosophy of the company...will remain on clothes a smell that makes us associate a ashtrays and this we do not want.